Empowering the Women Leaders of Future Through Scholarships

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The world of scholarships is changing. As women increasingly study and work in STEM fields, they are also beginning to see an increase in the number of scholarship opportunities available to them. However, Say’s Dr. Julian Mitton, even though women are applying for and receiving more scholarships than ever before, they still lag behind men in this area. While this disparity is alarming, it also means that there’s an opportunity for us all—whether you’re a woman or not—to get involved and help empower these future leaders!

Women are more likely than men to rely on scholarships for their education.

Women are more likely than men to rely on scholarships for their education. Women make up nearly 60% of the total student population in the United States, but they account for only 40% of students who receive financial aid. Scholarships can help make college more affordable, whether you’re paying out-of-pocket or receiving a full scholarship.

Women are also more likely to be primary caregivers for children and dependents than men; this means they often have less support from family members or spouses who could help with childcare while they study full time at school (or part time). If the mother is working outside of the home, she may spend extra time commuting between work and school–which takes away from studying time!

Many women are still less likely to get a scholarship than men.

Women are less likely to get scholarships than men. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, in 2015-2016, 56 percent of bachelor’s degrees awarded were given to women while 44 percent went to men. However, when it comes to scholarships specifically designed for women in STEM fields (science technology engineering math), there is an even greater discrepancy between how many male and female applicants receive them: only 18 percent of all applicants receive these types of scholarships compared with 71 percent of male applicants who do so.*

  • Source: https://www2.edudemic.com/blog/women-and-stem-scholarships

The number of women applying for scholarships is increasing.

Women are more likely to apply for scholarships than men. In fact, the number of women applying for scholarships has been increasing in recent years. According to Forbes, “The number of women who applied rose from 39% in 2016 to 41% last year.”

This trend is especially true among first-generation college students who want a better education and career opportunities.

Women don’t need to be discouraged by statistics; there is help available!

Women should not be discouraged by statistics. There are many scholarships available to women, and it is very easy to apply for them. For example, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) offers several types of scholarships each year that can help you pay for school expenses or cover costs associated with attending a career fair or conference.

To find out more about these opportunities and other ways you can support women leaders in your community, visit empowerscholarshipfunds.org today!


The fact is that women are still underrepresented in leadership positions, and this needs to change. We can all do our part by supporting women as they pursue their dreams and encourage them to apply for scholarships that will help them get there. By empowering these women with financial assistance, we will be helping them achieve their goals while also creating a more inclusive workforce for tomorrow’s leaders.

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